Sadness and Anger

While many times I say that Jaguars and other Top Predators are important to keep ecosystems healthy, which is true, my main motivation is sadness and anger. Each time I see a Cheetah running or a Jaguar swimming I see the beauty, precision and engineering perfection of time and evolution and I see some injustice in us putting them under the risk of extinction because of our limitless predatory habits, I feel an extreme Empathy for them, I feel sadness and I got involved.

I am not a biologist nor a conservationist, I am a tech person who suddenly got aware about the critical situation Jaguars are facing in Argentina. I was working on a surveillance system (the roots of DNNA) and since then I am working to use that technology on a network of Autonomous Edge devices called Big Cat Brother.

When you dig into the situation, you find out that the situation is critical in many regards, see the biodiversity crisis section to see how bad the numbers are. The problem doesn't stop there, many mixed agendas also constitute an institutional crisis which deviates the focus to non productive places. When you see the numbers you will realize that from Greenpeace to the United Nations, they all failed.

This is why I strongly believe that private endeavors can make a difference; This project is not related to the initiatives started by nor Microsoft, however I see that kind of initiatives as positive ones, technology can have a positive effect in the effort to save species and the private sector has a more dynamic way for getting things done.

The Focus



We have reached this level of disaster by several reasons that must be addressed at a global scale, but there are lots of things that can be done today. There are many initiatives going on, many of them put the focus on human life sustainability. While that motivation is good as any, my focus are the Big Cats themselves, not only because they work for us to maintain our planet healthy, I think we must acknowledge their right to live and we cannot drag them to disaster because of our destructive habits. 

My believes

I believe in a sustainable progress, I believe in technology (pragmatically) and I also believe in people engagement. I think many people is not aware on how we contribute to this disaster, I wasn't aware but now I feel the responsibility to do something. I also think that sharing information with other people is something important and this is why this site exists. I think there is no room for ego conflicts nor selfishness in this scenario.

I demand politicians to take biodiversity problems seriously, not just as nice slogan but with concrete acts, enforcing the laws in place, not allowing predatory industries to do what they want for profits, using part of the national budget for conservation efforts. Wildlife will return the favor by keeping us alive in a healthy planet.


This is not a believe, this is a fact: In my own country Jaguars are confined to a few small spots on the map, the 5% of the territory they used to have.

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Big Cat Brother is a network of intelligent connected devices built to mitigate the common death causes that are putting Jaguars at direct risk of extinction.

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