The work of Rewilding Argentina keeps bringing good news, these two new kids (Karai and Porá) were born in complete freedom. For the third time Jaguars were born in Corrientes after 70 years of extinction. See here how they are being monitored. Enjoy!

They are doing an incredible job re-introducing extincted species where they used to live. Arami and MBarete, two Jaguars, will be free. Beauty as a basis.

SONY is well known for their superb stuff but sometimes they come up with unexpected things like the Spresense, a real enabler for real Edge Devices.

If you live in Buenos Aires City and you need to create some prototypes, this place is for you. You will find a nice group of people that will help you to materialize your ideas.

They are the LoRa creators so it is the best place to visit to know more about this IoT tech, boards, etc.

Here you will find some valuable and serious investigation on Jaguars, I would suggest you to see Juan Reppucci work on Research Gate.

A great tool for creating 3D mechanical designs by coding, it can generate STL files ready for 3D printing. There is also a clone that works on phones!







The NuttX is the POSIX Real Time Operating System that runs on the Spresense, in addition to the wiki you will find some great videos on the NuttX youtube chanel. They recently went hosted as an Apache project.

This is Christian Osorio's dream came true. They are an NGO working in Chile to protect their Pumas and other major carnivore, Pumas are under pressure there. You can see some of the Christian work on researchGate here

This is a place packed with researchers and interesting papers, you will find whatever you need. I will start publishing some finding about Big Cat Brother soon, see my profile.



This site is in Spanish (Not a problem to the google translator I guess), They are a Biodiversity care group of Researchers from Paraguay, our neighbors.

They are doing pretty good things like Jaguar population estimations. However, what I cheer the most is the recent release of the Jaguar Library. The release was made this Nov-29th, for the international Jaguar day,


Hats off, well done! See the articles here.

This is an NGO from Argentina that works in what it used to be the Atlantic Forest. They are working hard to increase the Jaguar population over there. Here is where Dr. Agustin Paviolo and his team work. You can see some of his work on researchGate here.

They call themselves the Frontline for Nature related News, the fact is that they are doing a pretty complete coverage on what is going on, you will find content in many languages and a very good Jaguar coverage. The best thing about them is that you will be able to replicate their content.

This is the official Arduino PRO site, there you will find all the information you need about the Arduino Portenta H7 and all the PRO family. If you want to take a quick look at the Portenta read my review here.

There are many ways to implement Machine Vision on the Arduino Portenta H7, the openMV IDE is an important one. You will find a lot of information about it here. (Official site)

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