In the blog section of this site you will find a lot of posts regarding technology, you can arrange them by using the filters which is convenient because most posts follow a sequence. This section tries to give you a comprehensive view on the technology used by Big Cat Brother's devices by grouping the posts in related categories. As technology becomes more powerful and efficient I tend to focus on cloudless computing, that means, devices being able to do what they have to do without worrying about internet connection failures, this is extremely important given the fact that BCB devices are meant to be deployed in the wild. In this context you will find here high-level and details information about the following topics:

Equipment: You will find a series of posts describing the most relevant equipment to develop BCB devices, including the #Sony #Spresense which is one of the most important boards used to build devices such as the BCB002S. I am currently starting with the adoption of the Arduino Portentas, Details here. Other boards will be covered soon.

#LoRa: Jaguars need a lot of space (If you want to know more about them go to the JagFacts section), they can walk 30KM a day. Having all BCB devices connected is really challenging and LoRa (Long Range Radio) is vital to achieve the goal. LoRa is a great choice for low power and narrow band communications and it is heavily used by BCB. Most of the time, LoRa in a Mesh configuration is the selected option. See the details here.

#GNSS: Be it an #IoT or Edge system it is important to know where the events happen, then GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System is vital. In this section you will find information about how those systems work (GPS is one example), the messages being used, etc. See the details here.

#SolarEnergy: Most BCB devices use rechargeable batteries and solar power to obtain the maximum autonomy possible. This is a tricky subject because batteries can change their performance according to the operation conditions, high temperatures can affect the lifespan of batteries. If you are interested in solar power and the use of medium / small batteries you could find some useful information here.

#ComputerVision at the edge: Computer vision is something that has been around for several decades but now it is on the spotlight due to the #MachineLearning and #AI hype. Computer vision means that a computer can identify what is inside a digital picture (or camera buffer), there are many techniques for doing such a thing however deploying Computer Vision on low power consumption micro-controllers is something really new. You can find some details here

Building Reactive devices: All the sections introduced before deal with specific technology details, this blog is intended to put everything together to encourage you to build your own edge, smart, reactive and connected devices. You will learn about micro-controllers, real time operating systems (RTOS, NuttX in this particular case) and many other things. This blog is updated regularly and you can see all the posts here.

This could sound of out of place, however 3D Design and Printing skills are valuable for creating prototypes for your devices, in some cases, you could achieve ready to deploy things. In this section I will share some findings about designing 3D mechanical things using openScad, a great and handy open source software. You can find the details here.







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Big Cat Brother is a network of intelligent connected devices built to mitigate the common death causes that are putting Jaguars at direct risk of extinction.

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