As Big Cat Brother uses state-of-the-art technology it is important to let you know who are supporting or providing some collaboration to this project, what they want and what are the plans to make this project feasible in terms of costs, both regarding development and operational costs. As a basic criteria for this project I made some decision:

  1. I won't accept technology impositions, everything used to develop this project was selected by me following this criteria:

    • Hardware ​must be power consumption efficient, these devices are meant to be deployed on hard to access places, thus battery life must be long in order to minimize maintenance costs.

    • The use or deployment of development tools must not include license fees

    • Components must be ROHS compliant, Companies must have an eco friendly policy

    • Unless a few exception where they are needed, data operator fees are avoided. The accepted exceptions has to do with Ranger communications and/or any specific requirement imposed by stakeholders (NGOs, National Parks or local government)

  2. Big Cat Brother's components won't be commercialized in the private market (with the exception of Cow Collars under the proper control mechanism).

  3. As this project advances more capital is needed, every source of capital will follow the criteria specified here and will be published in this page.

  4. The WildEdge Initiative has the objective of engaging people in solving similar Biodiversity Issues, however, sensitive information won't be allowed to be publish on this site, nor by me nor by other people in the future using the Your Voice section. Many people believes that banning this kind of information will also prevent good people to do good things, it is my decision not to take the risk. By sensitive information I mean:

    • Actual Computer Vision / Machine Vision algorithms design to recognize species.

    • Communication protocols.

    • Geo-located data or pictures.

    • Device to Device communication details.








Who did help so far and why ?

Weiming Chen, Weiming is the Innovation Manager in a major imaging company, he is based in Singapore. I have the luck to enjoy his friendship and cheering from almost the beginning, his views are important (He thinks different, he made an F1 video from me in ultra slow motions in the middle of a straight, I had never seen that before!!!). He also helped with funds. Why ? Because he also care about wildlife and nature issues, thank you Weiming.

Laboratorio Tecnológico Buenos Aires provided a valuable help in the prototyping stages of devices, I said "was" because they are not working since the beginning of the pandemic. They provided equipment and mentorship regarding electronics and 3D Design / Printing. They do this role as a part of a public policy lead by the City Government. Thank you all.

Sony Electronics US and the Sony Development World provided early support for this project by providing some boards and sensors and all the technical support when it was required. What they asked in return ? Nothing, we just did some activities together like the IoT Tech Show without any imposition from any part; it was a win - win situation that allowed them to display the potential of the technology in this kind of scenarios and I was able to present Big Cat Brother to a big audience. Thank you Ramona and Armaghan.

Sebastían Di Martino and Elena San Martin, from Rewilding Argentina, they allowed me to spend 4 hours with a beautiful Cat. The objective was to take pictures from all the possible angles using several cameras to generate a dataset to train Neural Network for the devices. They allowed me to do so just because of goodwill and I must say it was one of the most rewarding and motivational events so far. Thank you Sebas, Thank you Elena.

Juan Reppucci is a CONICET Researcher but most importantly he is part of Jaguars in the Fringe, he is deeply involved with Jaguars issues (as other Cats too). He made some important contributions to the project such as Jaguar pictures from trap cameras but most importantly, he is quite generous in sharing his knowledge. That allows me to know new problems and to fine tune or re-think the solutions I have in place. Thank you Juan!

Arduino PRO people helped me to get these impressive boards, I am still testing them but it seems they will be quite appropriate for my project in terms of power consumption, size and the combination of features. It was an easy going process, just a few mails and that is it. They didn't ask for anything either, just the permission to publish something if the results goes in the expected way. Thank you Fabio, Thank you Katarina and Thank you Andrea. But most of all, thank you Arduino for paying attention to market needs.

Agustin Paviolo is another CONICET Researcher, known as one the most relevant voices regarding Jaguars in our region and he is involved in another important Jaguar NGO (Proyecto Yaguareté). He provided me with some samples to fine tune gunfire detection, he didn't ask for anything however I have the understanding with all of them, because it is something I share: nor images nor samples will be made public. This could be seen as a minor contribution, however, it is really hard to get samples or some of their time. Thank you Agustin!

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Big Cat Brother is a network of intelligent connected devices built to mitigate the common death causes that are putting Jaguars at direct risk of extinction.

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