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This is a new section to share some good news regarding Jaguars in Argentina. 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic was a pretty hard year for conservation efforts and we will see the consequences as we regain our full activity. However, there are many things that worth to be mentioned, one of them happened these days just days before the International Jaguar day. I hope to keep posting about this things often.











Today I feel like the editor of a news paper trying to close tomorrow’s edition. The big difference is that I write good news here and they tend to write all the negative things!!


Rewilding Argentina, once again, started a quest to re-Introduce Jaguars in another province of Argentina, in this case, Chaco. Jaguars used to live there too, and that is the criteria Rewilding uses to introduce Jaguars. The degradation of their environment (El Impenetrable forest) provoked they went almost extinct there. Tania, the mother of Aramí and Mbareté was taken to Chaco to match with a native and wild male there, his name is Qaramta. In my words, it looks easy, however, it is an extremely complex process because Jaguars can get really aggressive between them and guess what, Tania did it again. I think She needs to be renamed to Isis as the Egyptian God because she is bringing to life our Jaguars again. This is a happy moment, three new kids, theirs names are still being decided by people, a nice way to get people engaged with this amazing endeavor.




2020 wasn't a great year for conservation efforts, however things kept going well in the Iberá wetlands. This is the third time that new cubs are born there. They are yet in the pre-release zone. Iberá has the capacity to host 120 Jaguars, that number means the half of the Jaguar population we have in the entire country. I hope the pandemic will fade away soon to allow Rewilding Argentina to release them in their final destination. WELCOME KIDS! See the video of Karai and Pora taking a walk with their mother on the Links page.


In other fronts it is a real pleasure to know about some new initiatives being developed in Colombia. Coffee producers had some clashes with Jaguars in the past. The Jaguar Friendly sign is aiming that everyone will have a respectul coexistence over there. I hope to see some results soon, meanwhile, congratulations for the program.


Jaguar population is increasing slightly in borders between Argentina (Misiones, Iguazú) and Brazil, the upper Paraná Atlantic Forest. In this analysis (in Spanish) you will find the details, however, I will sum up things for you if you don’t like to use the Google translator or you can’t read Spanish. Jaguars were near extincted in the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest. The efforts made during two several decades by CONICET researchers, authorities and even the local inhabitants lead to a slightly increase in the population (105 estimated, still a vulnerable situation). The shift from meat production to other products like Soy helped to minimize the conflicts between humans and Jaguars too.

I hope this trend continues.


The second is a massive good news and it is a developing story. The Chaco province is one of the regions were Jaguars were abundant, I am using the past tense because today, it is one of the most critical regions and it is estimated that 20 Jaguars are remaining. The impenetrable forest should be a paradise for Cats, however, it is not. Recently, Rewilding Argentina and the Government of Chaco, signed an agreement to re-introduce Jaguars a few month ago. Rewilding is trying to replicate the excellent work they did in Corrientes Iberá, there, two Jaguars Tania and Chiqui, both captive animals gave birth to two cubs, Arami and Mbareté, they are about to release them, among other that came from Brazil into the Iberá National Park to do their lives as wild cats. Now, they built a breeding site in the impenetrable and they took Tania there, the female Jaguar. It is a long process, whoever, Tania caught the attention of a wild male Jaguar (Qaramta) which inhabits the National Park. After a long ceremony and tests between the Cats, they are now together and if everything goes as expected, new Jaguars could be born in el Impenetrable too. See the story on youtube.


The third good news happened yesterday, my time of writing is Nov-23th. Iberá is becoming a miracle (I am not a religious person), a new Kid on the block!


The best part of the success in Iberá is that Corrientes people loves and identifies themselves with Jaguars, they are loved there so, that is another good sign that everything could be go well there.

The original plan was to release Aramí (Cielito, sky) and Mbareté (Fuerza, Strength), both Guaraní names chosen by kids. Then a few more arrived from Brazil and it seems they keep coming! 



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